The Institut de Microélectronique Electromagnétisme et Photonique and LAboratoire d'Hyperfréquences et de Caractérisation, IMEP-LAHC, is a « unité mixte de recherche (CNRS/Grenoble INP/UJF/Université de Savoie) » of 180 people strongly committed in research activities related to micro- and nano-electronics, microphotonics, micro- and nano-systems, microwaves and microwave-photonics. The laboratory is settled over two sites : Grenoble-Minatec (38) and Le Bourget du Lac (73).

Research activities of IMEP-LAHC cover large areas (materials, technologies, components, circuits and systems) which allow carrying out multidisciplinary research in common with our partners in nanophysics, material chemistry, circuit designers or system manufacturers in electronics and optoelectronics. Situated at convergence of many sciences and technologies, IMEP-LAHC can play an important federating role to develop ambitious projects and to challenge the future of electronics. Such activities are regrouped in 3 research themes:
  1. RFM Group :
    • Millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systems
    • RF circuits and systems, and antennas
    • Materials and passive circuits charcterization, and measurement systems development

  2. CMNE Group :
    • Ultimate CMOS
    • Nanostructures and integrated systems
    • Simulation & Modeling
    • Superconducting electronics (RSFQ) (RSFQ)

  3. PHOTO Group :
    • Integrated optics
    • Optical sensors
    • THz optoelectronics

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